We do not claim to be the biggest, we just strive to be the best!

From the moment you first make contact to when we say goodbye after your flight, we acknowledge the fact that we’ll never get a second chance to create a first impression.

We are completely focused on offering you an unparalleled experience. Guaranteed!


Hailing from Santa Catarina in Brazil, Jefferson’s childhood dream to become an aviator.

Fast forward to 2007. Jefferson went for his very first introduction to helicopters when he enrolled with Silver State Helicopters at Stewart Airport in New York. He was hooked and continued his training.

Jefferson’s insatiable appetite for learning brought him to Pegasus flight academy, Nassau Helicopter, Independent Helicopter, and traveled all the way to the west coast to where he received more training with Advance Flight and Jerry Trimble Helicopters.

Since his first flight, he boast of learning from seventeen different flight instructors because he believes that learning different styles and plucking the best out of every style makes one, a really damn good pilot and instructor!

In 2010, Jefferson’s opened his flight school and wants to share his vast knowledge in aviation.. with YOU..

Come fly with us and experience what we LOVE to do, because after all, no dream is too high to reach!


Linden Airport offers the best of both worlds: a urban setting in a metropolitan area, without all the chaos of a typical busy airport. We are under the outer shelf of the New York Class B airspace, and our airport is non-towered. Your flying lessons maximize flight time. However, we are in close proximity to three towered general aviation airports that can be used for training so you can gain the necessary experience.

Have you worked up an appetite after your flight? Stop by the Sunset Pub & Grill just steps from our facility to grab a bite to eat.

Best of all, Linden is a friendly, comfortable airport. Pilots and flying enthusiasts watch takeoffs and landings from the restaurant patio. Kids can walk right up to the airport fence to watch Helicopters and Airplanes, at Linden Airport you can relax while you learn to fly.